Devilian is an action-packed game that you can play in a fast pace. You will take the role of a Devilian — a hero who is a half-demon. Your mission is to protect Nala from evil. You can join and make guilds with other Devilians in order to defeat monsters in dungeons, arenas, towers and so on. There are four classes of different skills and play styles to choose from. Master one to be a certified Devilian.

Devilian allows you to share the open world with thousands of players to interact, fight and explore. The combat is fast and challenging, using sharp weapons. With your skills together with other Devilians, you can trap enemies and monstrous creatures at bay. To survive, you just need to awaken the inner demon and follow these tips:

  1. Be a true half-devil. Increase your strength and abilities for longer periods through challenging other players in battlegrounds. This lets you top in game leaderboards and be claimed as a strongest Devilian.
  2. Know which class fits most. In each battle, appropriate capabilities and skills are required and there are four playable classes in Devilian which you can choose from. Either you play as Berserker (with massive blades), Cannoneer (with explosive arsenal), Evoker (element master) and Shadowhunter (master of shadows and darkness), always know how what you can do and how to maximize it.
  3. Familiarize the basics for success. Basics lets you be equipped with a know-how and how to make use of that knowledge in certain situations. This also enhances your abilities and helps you acquire new skills, thus transforming your character into something more powerful than evil. Mastering combat, knowing dungeons and battle grounds, be more powerful and joining a guild are just few basics you need to know before playing.
  4. When playing, know the following:
  • Trust the auto-play feature. Al is quite solid at using your skills and avoiding enemy attacks. Simply ta twice to enable auto-play for this game.
  • Choose the right gear and when to enhance. Don’t enhance your common gear as it’s not that powerful. They’re okay at start but later more advanced items will be acquired. Don’t waste time and, but you can use auto feature and left over items for enhancement. Also, route to fuse identical items, other than enhancement.
  • Complete quests and many more. Completing many quest as much as possible means more gold. And more gold means reach achievements faster.There are also Secret Quest that gives you better rewards.
  • Be quick. Faster completion on challenges means more stars. This allows you getting chapter reward chest and even rare items.

With these, you’re now ready to unleash the demon in you. In Devilian, it’s always good to be bad.