Overwatch is a tactical, first-person game set on the battlefields of tomorrow. It offers a variety of strategy and play styles, as well as characters with unique set of devastating and extraordinary abilities. Each character works well with other characters so learning how to build your team is necessary to win the game.

Building a team – attack or defense – around a good core is crucial. In an attack team, you need to build three units with heroes who are perfect for the job.

Taking Control

This is your rapid-response unit. Your heroes should be able to face high damage to buy your team time to assemble. Heroes for this unit are:

  • Winston is built as a tank who has the solid ability to protect his teammates from damage. His main function is to harass and clear the room from opponents due to his primal rage. His Barrier Projector protects friendlies from the enemy’s incoming fire while allowing them to fire back.
  • Lucio’s Sonic Amplifier keeps enemies at bay and his Sonic Barrier protects the team from high degree of damage. He is also able to heal teammates in his line of sight and his Crossfade Speed Boost can rush the team to the objective point.
  • Tracer is the ideal hero for ambush attacks. She dashes in, kill enemies with her Pulse Pistols and dash out again before the enemy can react.

Escort Express

This unit is the payload’s guard. These heroes should protect the payload and transport it to the checkpoints. The escorts of your payload can be:

  • Reinhardt gets on the payload and stays on the payload. He deals with extremely high damage and his Earthshatter has a potential for wiping the opponent. His Barrier Field also protect his team while allowing the fire back.
  • Lucio disarrays the team before they get hold of the payload and his attack weakens the enemies, eating away their chance to regroup. His healing ultimate is beneficial to Reinhardt as well.
  • Soldier: 76 can be the team’s front line with his flexible rifle viable at almost all ranges. His Biotic Field allows him to heal himself and his allies. His Sprint makes him dash to and fro the payload and assist Reinhardt.

DPS Assault

This unit strikes a rush fiercely guarded position putting out more DPS which will bring you into the objective. Suggested heroes are:

  • McCree chooses targets wisely and with perfect accuracy. He can sustain high damage and is effective at long range.
  • Genji can wipe out an entire team using his Dragonblade. His high mobility makes him get out or change position before he is damaged. He is able to divert rival’s attention making way for his team to deliver payload.
  • Bastion is an automaton but has a good self-sustaining ability, thanks to his Self-Repair. He can transform himself in two modes each with different advantage. His Gatling gun has the DPS that can wipe out an entire army. Needless to say, Bastion is a feared hero in Overwatch.

In a team game, it is important to observe your group’s abilities and activities. Synergy can be a key to a successful assault.