Defiance is a shooting game transforming Earth ark hunters (players) for alien technology. It can be played alone or with others; and skills improvement lets you level up and unlock weapons surviving massive battles. It has a unique feature of multitude weapons, letting you shoot the according to your preference, either as a human or alien. Fighting for survival is serious as it has an evolving environment and dynamic events.

Shooters are called ark hunters, a specialist in survival, combat and tracking who locate and retrieve lost relics. Seasoned at salvage, they need to get valuable minerals and technology from Votan planetary arks during arkfalls competing with other human or aliens. The life of an ark hunter is exciting, dangerous and profitable… while it lasts. So, below contains information on what do ark hunters do for the sake of relics.

  • Be unfearful in going anywhere. Try to tread the area so you can explore the game better. Work alone and be an expert at finding nearly anything and surviving in the most dangerous situations.
  • Be technologically advanced. Know how EGO, nanotechnology, etc. work in enhancing your abilities and formidable powers to reach your goals. Know when to aim, modify and grind depending on your skills. Compensate for automatic settings on most weapons. EGO powers can be used in combats, used them properly and learn when to Overcharge.
  • Be familiar with key characters. Are they a friend or foe? You’ll know it when you get there but it would not harm you (sometimes it would even save you) if you familiarize these characters. Talking to them will give you a hint who these people are and what their position or designation is in the game. To name a few, there is Karl Von bach (owner and CEO), Varus Soleptor (local business magnate), TorcMok (imposing Sensoth), Rosa Rodriguez (member of Defiant Few), Cass Ducar (new arrival), ErenNiden (frontier doctor), Jon Cooper, Joshua Nolan and Irisa.
  • Master the enemies. Make your friends close and enemies closer –one way of survival. It gives you access to their weaknesses and strengths. Some of the best-armed enemies in defiance include: The Afflicted (victims of viral hemorrhagic plague), Dark Matter (commando unit), The Volge (world-conquering species), The Mutants (new threat rising from ashes), Hellbugs (chitinous creatures from hives), Raiders (interspecies of horde and lawless scavengers), Ninety-niners (crazed cyborgs) and Scrappers (hostile robots). Be careful with these enemies and study their capabilities to outcompete them.
  • Know the right weapons. Human and Votan weaponry is an awe-inspiring and terrifying technology to Earth. Its advancement includes hardware, biological wetware, and a wealth of unique ammo and upgrades. Choose which one works well on short-range, e.g. shotguns and infectors, long parameters, e.g. rifles, detonators, rockets, or jack-o-trade!
  • Choose mission one at a time. Although defiance lets you play the way you want, make sure you are focused on one mission at a time. You can play it as multiplayer, join in co-operative battles, or go on solo missions. Again, there could be main missions, side missions, challenges and contracts. All of them are with exciting rewards and benefits, while you improve your skills and survive this limitless game.

Knowing these at first gives you a 60% survival rate and the reaming 40% is when you’re crossing the bridge. Aim for more treasures and play until 2047!