Counter Strike is one of the longest running games ever created for PC. Week after week, new players log in to experience the competitive nature of the game. The recent version, Counter Strike: Global Offensive, gets you into the game more quickly; but whether you are playing for laughs or competitively, learning some survival tips will come in handy. We will also address picking up CS:GO skins throughout the game.

The first thing you need to remember to survive CS: GO is to play in casual mode. The recent patch of the game requires the player to reach rank 2 before playing the competitive mode. Casual mode introduces you to the most basic mechanics of the game. Casual matches are played not to win. So, it’s ok to make mistakes in this mode. Second, remember the basic principles of Counter Strike.


Always keep reticule at head height while standing straight to be accurate.  You also need to practice your burst fire to keep recoil low, pulling your aim down to compensate for the recoil. And when you used few bullets, don’t just reload right away but find a safe place to make sure you’re ready for enemies who pop out of nowhere. Consider lowering your mouse sensitivity so you can control it more efficiently especially during spray patterns.

Crosshair placement

Choose the best crosshair style. Choose colors that are not featured in the environment. Position your crosshair to where you think the head goes (pre-aiming) and this requires map knowledge.

Map control

Familiarize the map and how people attack and defend sites. You can also give shortcuts to the names of location for easier communication (like banana or jungle). Assign areas for your teammates to defend or bust. You might want to consider wall banging. Some walls can be penetrated by bullets. You’ll never know, you might land a headshot.

Know when and what guns to buy

During pistol rounds, don’t forget to buy a Kevlar. You already have default guns so use them first. Start buying on the third round or when your team has a lot of cash. Choose the right guns for the right job. Suggested guns areM4 and AK-47 because they are cost-effective, powerful guns.

Third, CS: GO is a team game and requires team morale. So, make sure your team is always happy by constantly communicating with them. Lastly, don’t get mad. It will affect your performance.