If you are looking for a simple but highly entertaining game to play, you might consider purchasing Flight Control HD. This game is considered one of the best games to play due to its easy-to-play mechanics, catchy background music, and interesting aesthetics. The only rule that you need to remember is to never crash into each other, or you might have to start all over again.

For players who are often traveling, you will get the chance to earn airline miles as part of the bonus of the game.  If a user clicks on the ‘Sell Miles‘ button then they can exchange, convert, or sell airline miles and travel points to gain skins and other items that can make your game much more enjoyable.  You can unlock characters and maps, as well as earn in-game bonuses, with the use of your airline miles.

iPhone users can now purchase this game from the PlayStation Network. It is also available for the PlayStation 3 with 3D and PlayStation Move Support. People can now play this game not just with their phone but with their PlayStation consoles as well. Aside from the consoles, it also has a PC version where you can purchase the game from a PC store.

One of the good things about this game is that its premium version is not as expensive compared to the other games available in the market. Despite its cheap price, the game is considered premium and highly addictive for people of all ages. It may not be as action-packed as other mobile phone games but Flight Control HD has a unique and annoying charm that you may never want to quit playing it.

The game has 9 maps, varying from easy down to the hardest maps. Each map has several challenges that will not only test your patience but your focus as well. These maps vary in terms of number of runways, number of incoming planes, the speed of each plane, and weather effects. One of the things about the weather effects is that it takes the difficulty one notch higher than other games. Another challenging part of this game is when you start to guide 3-5 planes coming in from different directions, each with a different speed.  When you move up to the higher maps, you might have to guide at least 15 planes to one or two runaways that are available.

The only issue with the game is the multiplayer option. This game is not recommended for a 4-player option game. It is more ideal for 2 players. Make sure that you and your teammate have the great coordination to succeed in each round.  It can test both of your coordination as well as friendship, especially when each round gets more difficult than the previous one.

Flight Control HD may seem a childish game tor many. However, its child-like theme makes the game much more addictive compared to its other counterparts. What is more amazing about this game is the ability to exchange, buy, receive, and sell airline miles whenever you are playing. You do not only enjoy the game but you get extra points for your next travel destination as well.