With the recent launch of Defiance 2050 last July 2018, gamers who have followed the roadmap of the game have been jumping on the platform and have been enjoying all the new things that the game offers. In the next months, we will also get to see a lot of new additions and features that the existing and new gamers alike will be able to enjoy. In the process the web design, Malaysia audiences included, will be updated for the official site of the game to be more interactive than ever before.

What is Defiance 2050?

Just to give a short background, Defiance 2050 is a free action shooter game that is available for PS4, PC, and Xbox One. It is a type of co-op game with a great storyline and a lot of awesome functions. You start out as 1 out of 4 classes and you can start unlocking a lot of new things along the way.

You start out on the website if you want to start playing. Just to give you an idea, the website is very attractive and interactive. It has a beautiful design that looks like most video game website designs like Runeworlds: Lantem, a well-known Malaysian-developed game. You will definitely love it when you see it.

What’s In Store for the Game

Now that the game is launched, what are the new things that gamers can expect? The producer of Defiance 2050, Matt Destromathe Pettit gave some detailed descriptions of the things that will be added to the game. Here are some of the things that Pettit mentioned:

Smoother Gameplay

One of the main things that Pettit really wants to focus on would be a smoother gameplay. This means resolving buggy issues and creating more stability. He also mentions that the number of players that jumped into the platform strained the server and caused a few bugs in the process. Of course, he stated that while this is something to be happy about, he assures players that he will resolve any issues regarding the game so that players can continue to enjoy it.

Brand New Classes

Another thing that we can look forward to would be a whole new list of classes. You can unlock these classes as you go through the game. In fact, Pettit will be launching a Crusader Class and even an Engineer class so that players can create turrets and other cool structures.

A New Threat

Since the Crusader class is a fighting class, then it means that a new enemy is coming on board. With that, we will be seeing a lot of new enemies and new stories in the next few months. There will be more places to explore and new threats to stop before you can go on to the main threat.

New Weapons

Of course, the arrival of the new threat will also warrant the arrival of new weapons and new character customizations. Players will get to enjoy seeing their Crusaders with new ammunition complete with special attacks and other stuff. All these new improvements are in their prototype stage, but you can already try them out.

With the arrival of all these new things, Ark Hunters are definitely going to be excited for the next few months. So things may be a bit buggy for now, but the following months will surely be amazing.