No doubt that we all enjoy a good video game. However, we will eventually reach a certain limit wherein we would probably keep on losing. While most people can just walk away and take a break, there are people who just cannot seem to relax no matter how many times they try to breathe deeply. Fortunately, there are some pretty effective ways to make sure that you do not destroy your video game when you keep on losing.

Buy Some CBD Oil

CBD oil is known to have some components that can calm down a person and make them relax whenever they are feeling angry or frustrated. Just to give you an idea of what CBD oil is, it is an oil that comes from the extract of cannabis. It has the calming effects from cannabis but without the intoxication. It can help relax you whenever you are feeling too frustrated. If you think that you have terrible video game rage, then you may want to consider buying a bottle of this oil.

Go Out and Do Something Else

One of the most effective ways to deal with gaming rage would be to have something else to do instead of just staying home and playing video games. Go out for a bit and exercise so that you can cool down. If you can find a few friends to hang out with, then that would be even better. It is better that you go and socialize anyway.

Keep Your Gaming Area Filled with Pillows

There might be times when you would want to throw your controller on the floor out of anger. Honestly, you might even just throw it without you realizing what you are about to do. So, to ensure that your controller is still going to be in tiptop shape after your game rage, make sure there are a lot of pillows around so that they can cushion the impact of your controller’s fall. At the very least, this will keep you from breaking your controllers.

Keep Already Damaged Controllers

I have a friend who has a really bad game rage that he has already busted 3 Playstation controllers over the years. Eventually, he did become aware of his problem and decided to do something about it. What he did is that he kept all the busted controllers that no longer worked right beside him. So whenever he starts having video game rage, he would just pick up those old controllers and throw them instead. This actually helped him save a lot of his existing controllers from being damaged.

If you think your game rage is out of hand, you can try this tactic.

We can all agree that games do lose their fun factor when the levels get too hard to the point that we keep on losing. However, this does not mean that we will not play the video game anymore or destroy the console, right? So in order to make sure that the console is still there for us to play another day, we have to control our own anger and make sure we do not destroy the machine.

These tips can really help with that.