The Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory is a game about having a game sense where the player faces a lot of decision making. In this article, we are going to discuss the techniques on how to become a good spy. These techniques are really effective and are risk-free in setting objectives. Just remember that you have to be highly skilled or at least, skilled enough to pull off these techniques. These notes are as simple as you can spy texts here in real life.

Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory is about targeting the enemy unnoticed and achieving the objectives on the way. Don’t try any move that will make you fail your mission or make you out of the game.

The following are the important notes when navigating Sam Fisher throughout the missions:


Walking, opening doors, and landing quietly is important because the enemies can detect one slightest sound and move, so you must be extra careful.


The light that flashes when Sam uses a weapon will alert the guards though they might think it’s just a blown bulb, but even so, you still must be cautious.

Environmental Factors

Just like the guards can detect the noise and the flashing of lights, you must also consider that the guards will notice the doors you left open and the computers and light you have used, so you have to leave the place like it was.

It is a basic rule that you must know the abilities and limitation of your character in a game to use it in a full advantage and not do the things he can’t. The following are the things that Sam Fisher can do.

Close Attacks

Taking an enemy down at a far distance can be really noisy, making more enemies detect and kill you. That’s why you need to navigate Sam in taking the enemy at close range, attacking them silently. The weapons that are mostly used by Sam in picking locks are specially made for close attacks, so just pull the right trigger. It is also important to know when to kill or knock out your enemy.


Using crouched position makes much lesser noise and is very hard to spot. It also makes Sam walk a little bit slower. Staying in crouched position can be really advantageous as it enables more accurate shots since you are in a more stable position.

Back to Wall

While in crouched position, pressing the left thumb stick while standing near a wall will make you unnoticed and will enable you to look closely.

Most doors in the game can be picked open or can be broken, but there are doors which are on a different level. Some are electronically locked, and hacking them makes it much easier to open. When hacking the screen, just focus on the numbers on the bottom right just like you are spying on text messages and ignore everything else shown on the left. Use the left thumb stick to move right and left between the 4 numbers as these numbers light up in bright green. To lock it, just hold the X button. Repeat until all 4 numbers are locked and hacking is complete.

Now that you have the basics and a few techniques in playing the Splinter Cell:  Chaos Theory, you are good to go. Just remember to achieve the objectives successfully and don’t get noticed!