It’s no secret that cheating became a norm back in the days where single player games were at large. After all, it was harmless fun without affecting the experience of other players in any way. However, as games started becoming multiplayer, cheating suddenly become offensive.

However, not all forms of cheating are bad. Still, that didn’t prevent game developers to add some extra mechanics on their game and discourage players from using game cheats. Some of these games that use such creative approach include the following:

GTA V Online with its Car Bombs and Dunce Hats

If you played GTA V Online, you might have been tempted to add private FPS cheats to unlock your single player car to multiplayer mode. However, doing so is not a smart choice at all. Although there’s a secret method which allows you to glitch your car into online mode, it will instantly blow up the moment you enter it.

It doesn’t stop there. Players who’ve been doing really obnoxious are in for a treat – a glued dunce cap on their head. Pretty offensive, right?

The Witcher 3 and Its Unstoppable Cow Monster

A few days after The Witcher 3 got launched, players were able to discover an exploit which allowed them to earn money real quick. This involves killing a pair of cows in a certain stable, looting their drops, and meditating for an hour in the in game world so that they’ll respawn and let you do the process indefinitely.

Noticing the exploit, the game devs released an update which fixed several bugs and even added the Bovine Defense Force Initiative. It’s not an armed patrol that protects the cows, though. What they introduced was an unstoppable and massive cow monster that comes with tons of health and pack some really strong punches. What’s worse is that once the first one dies, another one will appear to continue assaulting the player until he dies. This madness will go on forever until the player no longer survives.

Guild Wars and the Public Execution

Cheating is considered a bad thing in games nowadays, and this is especially true when it comes to MMOs. Cheating on a massively multiplayer online game will get your account banned. ArcaneNet took this approach to a whole new level and in a more entertaining fashion.

Whenever a player is caught using game cheats or hacks, the devs will send Dhuum, a massive and invincible figure that resembles the Grim Reaper, to execute the cheating player and rend his character’s body into half – all while doing this in public. Of course, though entertaining, you wouldn’t want this to happen to you, especially when it’s followed by your account being banned, forever.

Max Payne 3’s The Cheater’s Pool

While banning a player from online play is understandable, Rockstar Games found a creative way to let cheating players atone for this sins (at least) by pitting them against other cheating players in the Cheater’s Pool.

As the name implies, it’s a pool dedicated only for cheating jerks. If you got caught cheating, you won’t be able to find normal matches anymore. What you’ll be entered in will be a match that’s full of cheaters like you are, and it won’t even be that easy.

Fortunately, though, you can still get back on the regular servers, although this will require a blood oath or by simply playing it fair and avoid cheating forever. On the other hand, camping isn’t considered cheating as it’s considered a legit tactic, albeit cowardly.