There are several video game movies that are now coming up. They range from 8-bit classics to wacky cinematic game creations. According to data published by putlockers, below is the list of the best video game movies that have succeeded in this new genre.

Wreck-It Ralph

This video game movie is number one on our list. It has one of the fewest negative reviews. A simple arcade game is brought to life in this movie, and it takes us through the lives of the characters in the arcade games. It makes the audience look at the simple arcade games in a different way. The graphics for this movie are also very good. This video game movie sets the bar high for any other upcoming movies in the same niche.


This is among the best video game movies that have ever been created. It has a premise that is ahead of its time and an aesthetic that is so crazy that it actually becomes charming. The movie is about computer programs being sentient and believing in users. An error occurs and only a video game programmer and a person who can write security programs can save the virtual world. This will, in turn, save the real world.

Last Starfighter

In the very competitive world of science fiction where every idea has already been implemented, this video game movie stands out. It has managed to find originality. The video game movie is about a person who left his trailer park and went to space. Accidentally they leave behind a beta unit, which is used by bounty hunters as target practice.

Mortal Combat

This video game movie brings back memories to every pre-teen and teen from the 90’s. A certain thrill comes with seeing the live incarnations of the various fighters from the video game. It helps to connect and understand the motivations to fight for each individual. This video game movie has successfully managed to find a way to make the audience connect and genuinely care about the characters in the video game movie.

Resident Evil

Shooting zombies using a shotgun is a favorite past time for most individuals. This video game movie has successfully managed to maintain the enthusiasm for zombies and fighting them for a good period of history. The movie was produced using exploitation film quality and a low budget, yet it still somehow managed to win the hearts of many people.


This is not only a movie, but it is also a means of educating the youth about violence. Wargame focuses on how the joy behind playing a video game that you think is unreal could have serious consequences in real life. A simple game move could launch a nuclear strike in the real world. This is a very good video game movie.

There are a couple of movies in the video game movie niche, but there’s only a few that have successfully managed to reach the cut off for being among the best video game movies made.