This game is famous for its sandbox style of gameplay, open-world settings, satirical take of the American views and culture, and the glorification of crime, sex, and violence. Though true for the most part, only few would speak about the main cause why the beloved series was embedded into the hearts of the players – the characters, most especially, the diverse cast of protagonists. From street hustlers, Italian thugs, bank robbers, and psychopaths, the series has presented an exceptional cast of memorable leads. The following list contains some of the best شفرات جاتا سان اندرس protagonists since its release:

Trevor Philips

Trevor Philips is the complete embodiment of the player’s desire to perform pure massacre, chaos, and destruction. Trevor is probably the most diverse character in the series as he is unpredictable and certainly not the guy you would want to piss or interact live. However, this doesn’t stop him to become one of the most loved protagonists as he is generally fun to play.

Niko Bellic

While most Grand Theft Auto leads are psychopathic criminals who love to kill, loot, and whore around, Niko from Grand Theft Auto IV is the complete opposite. He is actually a peace-loving immigrant from the country of Yugoslavia who previously fought in the country’s wars. Like most of the immigrants we know, he came to America to start fresh and experience the “American Dream”. However, he then realizes that this dream is nothing but a fantasy for immigrants like him.

Rockstar North made a decision to take a more serious approach to the game’s overall tone. And it shows in Niko’s character, making him one of the most unique protagonists in the series.

Carl “CJ” Johnson

Many fans of the series considered Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas to be the very best. One of the reasons why is because of Carl “CJ” Johnson. He appealed to a lot of players mainly because he was the first African-American lead and because of his grit and determination.

CJ has a universal appeal because of the customization options that let him be customized in different ways. Subsequent GTA Games also let players customize their characters, but nowhere near as close as CJ.

Tommy Vercetti

Tommy Vercetti is probably one of the most memorable protagonists in the series, mainly because he is the first ever lead in the history of GTA who can speak in the game. Because of this, players can easily connect with the Italian gangster and understand his motivation. Like Trevor, he is a crazy individual who easily gets angered and becomes violent. However, what sets him apart is that he is a highly intelligent player and a master planner. His story mirror’s those of what influenced his character, as his character is obviously influenced by iconic characters like “Mister Blonde”, Scarface, and Ray Liotta, his voice actor.

These are some of the greatest Grand Theft Auto protagonists that most players can easily nominate for being the best. For sure, there are more to the list, but these characters are the most memorable and most recognizable ones in the franchise that many gamers can recognize.