Android Food Games

Android Food Games that Would Make You Want to Order Online

These days, mobile food games are pretty popular among mobile gamers. There are food games that let you cook meals, manage restaurants, run kitchens and basically become a professional chef in your own virtual world. These games also help home delivery business to send new customers get a coupon for sun basket and other products. If you’re interested in this type of game, here’s a list of some of the best ones that will make you want to order home meal delivery online!
Cooking Dash
Cooking Dash is a pretty cool game for those who want to work as a chef. Basically, your objective is to make various dishes for your customers. Yo […]

Best Clothing Games to Play Online

If you are a lover of fashion, designing or even modeling, clothing games and apps are the perfect platforms to live your dream. Clothing, hoodies and fashion games allow you to do everything in the fashion world including shopping in high-end stores, owning a boutique, dressing up characters and creating your own fashion collection like casual tops, dresses, and custom hoodies. All this can be done online. However, it is important to know which games and apps will be the best choice for your needs. Here is our selection of the best clothing games that you can play online.
It Girl
It Girl is one of the most popular games on Facebook. Created by Crowd Stars, this game has […]

Ways to Earn Real Money While Playing Video Games

Have you ever wondered how some people just play video games all day but never run out of money? Well, it’s because playing video games is their job. They can actually earn just by playing various online games. Is this something you’ve always dreamed of doing? Here are some ways on how:
Sell Rare Items
A lot of multiplayer gamers do this to earn money. They try to collect rare items and sell them for real money in the game exchange. Die-hard video game players love to buy gps for real money. For instance, items in CS: GO can be sold in third-party marketplaces for actual cash. In some games, you may even sell items without a third-party marketplace, if the game has a trade […]