If you are a lover of fashion, designing or even modeling, clothing games and apps are the perfect platforms to live your dream. Clothing, hoodies and fashion games allow you to do everything in the fashion world including shopping in high-end stores, owning a boutique, dressing up characters and creating your own fashion collection like casual tops, dresses, and custom hoodies. All this can be done online. However, it is important to know which games and apps will be the best choice for your needs. Here is our selection of the best clothing games that you can play online.

It Girl

It Girl is one of the most popular games on Facebook. Created by Crowd Stars, this game has numerous stores and thousands of trendy clothes which are expensive to purchase. The graphics in It Girl are particularly attractive. This fashion game app has over 140 levels that allow you to earn money hourly from your job. With that earned money, you can purchase clothes that are currently on trend and compete with other girls to earn more money. However, purchasing these items is not cheap.

Fashion Empire

Fashion Empire is about a fashion boutique that is opened in a mall and requires a manager to run the store. Your new role will require arranging items, bringing new things into the hall, and expanding the production. You will also need to choose the perfect clothes for customers.

Most of the money will be earned from doing the job properly. You will also be able to get into the big leagues and access unique clothing. Awards are earned after completing certain tasks.

Top Girl

Created by CrowdStars, Top Girl is a fashion game for Android and iOS mobile devices. The game involves getting a job as a model and earning money to buy fashionable clothes. You then go on dates with your boyfriend who gives you more money and cute clothes.

Style Me Girl

Style Me Girl is a great clothing game for individuals who have a dream for fashion shows and modeling. It is a simple game that will give you the opportunity to create images, style supermodels, and add accessories. You can earn bonuses by playing fashionable mini-games. With the money earned, you can spend on every fashion item that you need. Besides, this app will give you the chance to arrange photo sessions for your models so that you can create your portfolio.

Fashion Designer

If your dream is to become a fashion designer, then Fashion Designer is the app for you. This Facebook game app allows you to dress up clients with a specific look for an event. In order to earn more points and money, you need to be creative with the look and make your customers satisfied and grateful. In no time, you will become an international style star.

Fashion Story

Fashion Story by Team Lava gives you a feel of the business world where you get to offer customers with fashionable collections, arrange hangers with clothes, answer the phone and design the store. Apart from shopping, you will be doing virtually everything that is required in order to be successful in the industry. This fashion game for iPhone is created for lovers of beautiful clothes, economic development, and social life.

Modern Girl

Created by CrowdStars, Modern Girl not only focuses on clothes but also in the world of fashion. Having the same creators, Modern Girl shares the same graphics and clothing as in It Girl, Top Girl, and Sorority Life. However, unlike the other apps, you need to get a job in the fashion industry so as to make money and then shop. There is no competing with other girls for the trendiest clothes to earn money.

If you are looking to develop a good taste for fashion, the above clothing games and apps will come in handy. You will have fun distinguishing the style of clothing and also get adequate information on what goes on in the world of fashion.