These days, mobile food games are pretty popular among mobile gamers. There are food games that let you cook meals, manage restaurants, run kitchens and basically become a professional chef in your own virtual world. These games also help home delivery business to send new customers get a coupon for sun basket and other products. If you’re interested in this type of game, here’s a list of some of the best ones that will make you want to order home meal delivery online!

Cooking Dash

Cooking Dash is a pretty cool game for those who want to work as a chef. Basically, your objective is to make various dishes for your customers. You do this by tapping on ingredients in the kitchen and making dishes ordered by the customers. You combine the ingredients in the pan and wait for the cooking gauge to fill up. This means your dish is ready for serving. What makes this game cool is that there’s a time limit. If you take too long, your customers will be angry. Just think of it like working in an actual kitchen.

Sushi Bar

The fun thing about sushi is that there are so many different kinds. So, just imagine being in a sushi bar and making all kinds of sushi. With this game, you don’t need to use too much of your imagination because you can do it in this game. Basically, you own a sushi bar and you’ll be making all kinds of sushi dishes. You can take this time to experiment with different kinds of sushi and put them on the sushi belt. However, you’ll also be serving customers, so you have to make sure that you get exactly what the customer wants.

Cake Mania- Main Street Lite

If you’ve always wanted to own a cake shopping, then this little game will help you achieve that. In this game, you have to manage your own cake shop and make your own cakes (through the character known as Jill). Customers will order different cake types and you have to make them. You’ll then be paid money which you can use to spruce up your store.

Clinton Burger Stand

Burgers are a staple of most people – especially people who are busy and always on the go. Clinton Burger Stand will give you first-hand experience on what it’s like to serve burgers to these busy people. With this game, you play as Clinton who owns a small burger stall on the street. You will be serving customers burgers, fries, hot dogs and other fast foods for people on the go. Also, there’s a Speed Mode wherein you have to play one round of serving your customers quickly. The objective here is to serve customers as quickly as possible and rack as many points in the time limit.


Do you ever want to work in the food industry? Here’s your chance to do that. While playing these games won’t make you a chef, it’ll give you the feeling of being one without having to go out in the field. So, if that’s something you enjoy, download some of these games. You might be hungry after you play them though, and you might want to order a burger from an online home meal delivery to complement the whole experience.