Microsoft’s gaming console is a gamer’s favorite. If you are using Xbox One, you may have tried to play online multiplayer games to no avail. Here is the reason; you need Xbox Live Gold to access such content. For Microsoft’s gaming console users, here is a look at free Xbox live gold codes which you can use.

Free Games

Updating your games gallery can be challenging if you want to keep up with the new entries. Furthermore, given the need to play games online in the current gaming world, it can be even more costly. With your Xbox One, however, you can take advantage of the monthly free games that Microsoft offers to the Xbox Live Gold subscribers. Every month, you get a chance to download two free Xbox One games and two free Xbox 360 games.

Yes, you can now play Xbox 360 games with your Xbox One console thanks to the backward compatibility. If you spotted such free games on a monthly basis, by the year end, you would have a huge collection all at no extra costs. All the Xbox 360 games are yours to play at any time, but for the Xbox One games, your Xbox Live Gold subscription has to be active for you to access the games. The only hiccup with the feature is that you have to keep up since after the game’s availability time is over before downloading it, you miss the chance to get it for free.

Online Gaming

Online gaming pool continues to grow by the day as most blockbuster games are fully or partially online. If you are not playing online multiplayer games, you are missing out on quite an experience. Getting the most out of your Xbox One gaming console by enjoying online multiplayer games is one of the primary reasons you need Microsoft’s subscription service.

Exclusive Deals

Apart from the monthly free games, Xbox Live Gold subscribers get to enjoy exclusive discounts on several games available on the Microsoft store. The deal is available on a weekly basis, so you can capture those games you have been waiting to play at a lower price if you keep your eyes wide open. Nonetheless, as is the case with free games, the catch is that you have to take advantage of the deal when it is available. If the week is gone and you have not taken advantage of the exclusive deals, you miss out.

Xbox Live Gold Subscription Cost

The subscription fee per month is $10. You can also opt for a three-month deal at $25 which is equivalent to $8.3 per month. If you are a long-term gamer and want to get the best deal, then the yearly subscription is what you need, billed at $60, an equivalent of $5 per month. Noting the benefits that will come your way, Xbox Live Gold is worth every dollar.

After getting the console, subscribing to the Xbox Live Gold service, and setting up your internet connectivity, you are on your way to having an unmatched gaming experience.