Rise of Kingdoms, more known as Rise of Civilizations, has been one of the top strategy games on the App Store and Google Play Store. If you are a lover of world history, especially the military events and prominent historical figures like Caesar, Sun Tzu, and a lot more, you will surely find this game educational, aside from its highly addictive game experience.

If you are new to Rise of Kingdoms or having a hard time levelling your kingdom up, here are five tips for you to level up faster and become a stronger player ready to conquer and not being conquered.

Do your missions dutifully – whether it is your daily quests or main quests, do it. Do not just leave your missions getting stacked up until you realize that you would have gotten a lot from these. However, do not rush yourself in completing your missions. Take it strategically in order for your kingdom to have reserves. Most quest rewards are in resources like gold, wood, and food, so it is best to complete them auspiciously.

Train more troops – You have to train your troops even if you still have enough of them to battle or defend for you in any surprise attacks. This is best done when you have just started playing the game. You may leave your resource harvesting for some time but always keep an eye on the time your troops finish training. There is a certain limit of troops you can make at each level though, but training troops is also a faster way to gain EXP. This means you will have enough troops to defend your walls and have more in reserve for other surprise attacks.

Upgrade your gate and City Hall strategically – usually, other players follow the quests on when to upgrade the gate and city hall. However, once the protection dome is over, you will surely find yourself getting attack notifications from neighboring kingdoms or neighboring enemy alliances. In other words, you should better utilize your protection dome strategically and use it to train, upgrade buildings, and fortify yourself.

Join strong alliances – most alliances created in Rise of Kingdoms are truly magnificent and strong in their own ways. However, most of them don’t last long. When looking for strong alliances, it is best to seek forums that feature strong alliances from all around the world. You can send an invitation request from your chosen alliance, get accepted, and help them out stake strong towers around the kingdom or join them in expeditions. A strong alliance is not based on how strong the members are. It is based on how active they are playing and fortifying their kingdoms and alliances. Your alliance can even have an area of their own in the Rise of Kingdoms world, and you can teleport your kingdom to their area. However, you need to think twice on this as transferring a kingdom can be pretty expensive.

There are more strategies you can follow in playing this awesome game. What matters most is that you are having fun playing and meeting new friends in your alliances. Happy playing!