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Top 10 Instagram Accounts to Follow If You’re a Gamer

With the popularization of Instagram gamers, more and more celebrity gamers are reaching out to the mainstream gaming network giving gamers tips, playthroughs, and overall entertainment value. So, if you happen to be a hardcore gamer and would like to follow popular gamers, then here are the top 10 Instagram accounts you should be following. Many of them are set to be private but there are ways to view private instagram without following them.
Anyone who watches playthroughs on Youtube will know about Pewdiepie. He owns probably one of the biggest gaming networks on the internet with 13.5 million followers on Instagram. He ev […]

Video Game

Top Video Game Trends in 2019

The video gaming industry has been on the upward trend since its early evolution a few years before the 20th century. As mentioned by the industry scored its biggest victory when the very first E-sports event was included in the Winter Olympics in February 2018. There is a lot of optimism coming from industry leaders that the sport will be included officially as a medal sport not later than 2024. The video gaming marketplace as an industry can now also be considered as an alternative career choice for an individual, with several companies pouring millions of dollars in investments for game developments and E-sports competitions.
Stats Don’t Lie
The year 20 […]