The video gaming industry has been on the upward trend since its early evolution a few years before the 20th century. As mentioned by the industry scored its biggest victory when the very first E-sports event was included in the Winter Olympics in February 2018. There is a lot of optimism coming from industry leaders that the sport will be included officially as a medal sport not later than 2024. The video gaming marketplace as an industry can now also be considered as an alternative career choice for an individual, with several companies pouring millions of dollars in investments for game developments and E-sports competitions.

Stats Don’t Lie

The year 2018 has seen unprecedented numbers with regards to the gaming industry’s growth, and this is expected to continue in 2019. As expected, China being the largest video gaming market leads the way among all countries in terms of revenue achieved coming from the industry. The country’s top gaming company, Tencent, is included in the world’s top 10 companies as it ranked in 9th place. It is predicted that the company will be the largest company in the world in a few years time.

Tencent tops all gaming companies in revenues last year followed by Sony in second, Activision, Microsoft, and Apple in particular order. Rounding up the top ten companies are NetEase, EA Sports, Google, Nintendo, and Bandai Namco. The popularity of video games has also influenced the mobile gaming arena with 42% of the industry’s total revenue coming from the mobile game.

Video Gaming Industry: By the Numbers

  • The Asia-Pacific region comprises almost half of the total gaming population all over the world with almost 1 billion people engaged in online gaming.
  • 15% of gamers worldwide are in the age bracket of 51 – 65 years old.
  • In addition, the year 2018 saw 63% of all gamers are in the 21 – 50 years old age bracket.
  • 15% of the total video gamers are women that belong to the 21 – 35 age bracket.
  • Men video gamers dominate online compared to their women counterparts with 54% of the total gamers.
  • While men comprise more than women who are engaged in online games, women prefer to play games that have less violence such as a puzzle, arcade, and simulation. Men enjoy action games, adventures, and strategic games.
  • E-sports audience is also on the rise with industry leaders predicting it to reach a staggering 380 million people in the next few years.
  • In connection, E-Sports industry revenues might reach $1.6 billion in the year 2021 which will surely make a direct impact on the world’s economy.
  • The plan of the first E-Sports Olympics will definitely help increase the sponsorships revenues of all E-Sports event which currently stands at 40%.


The past faced development of the video gaming industry has made a great impact on the world’s economy as it generates millions of dollars in revenues annually. This trend will likely to continue in the next few years with more and more technology and games to be developed as more people will be more engaged in online games.