The gore and controversial Japanese movie, “Battle Royale,” has given much impact to the gaming society that free fire pc game developers have created a game with such concept as a test of skills and planning.

As the aforesaid concept has ignited much interest to several game enthusiasts, developers continue to create the same plot with a minor difference in concepts from another similar game plot so as to not bore players from encountering the same style.

Garena Free Fire is the latest Battle Royale inspired entrant with a new plan, making it as the fourth most played game in Battle Royale. Winning the game against other players is the main concept of the game, regardless of how you decide to plot your strategy.

Reading tips and pieces of advice from Garena Free Fire pro players help increase your chances in claiming victory. That being said, here are some sensible tricks that will help you surpass other players.

Familiarize Each Character Strength

Garena Free Fire has 15 playable characters as of this writing, each portrayed with different strength and skills for flexibility and variation of interest. The characters in Garena Free Fire include:


  • A member of the elite force from the navy
  • Specialty: Iron Will


  • A nurse with medical-kit for teammate’s revival
  • Specialty: Healing Touch


  • An elite member of the police
  • Specialty: Armor Specialist


  • A champion sprinter
  • Specialty: Dash


  • A professional bodyguard
  • Specialty: Firearms Expert


  • A racer
  • Specialty: Afterburner


  • Champion eater
  • Specialty: Gluttony


  • A martial artist specializing in Muay Thai
  • Specialty: Muay Thai


  • An expert in arms deals and control underworld
  • Specialty: Arms-dealing


  • An elite soldier
  • Specialty: Crazy Slayer


  • A character from a rich family
  • Specialty: Agility


  • A gangster who kills other gang members
  • Specialty: Gangster’s Spirit


  • A monkey king who is fond of bananas
  • Specialty: Camouflage


  • A legendary hacker
  • Specialty: Hacker’s eye


  • A character from a samurai family
  • Specialty: Bushido

Choose the Right Weapon for You

With several weapons available for you to grab and use, it wouldn’t be too difficult to climb your way up to victory. However, it’s always a good trait to familiarize yourself with the list of items available for you to use and know its functions to know when to use it.

The weapons range from melee to long range, each differing in damage that’s being inflicted to the enemy.

Gather Armor and Weapons Before Engaging in Battle

Fighting against your enemy without anything is simply meeting your character’s early demise and surely, that’s not a fun way to end the game. Therefore, just hide and gather enough supplies before going into the battle and reduce the number of your enemies later on.

You can pick up armors and weapons inside the houses, buildings, and along the field. Also, defeating an enemy would give you the privilege to pick up his or her dropped items.

Be Cautious with the Safe Zone

Part of the game’s thrill is activating radiation on the battlefield to decrease hiding spots and increase the chances of encountering your enemy as you run along the safe zone. Always be wary of the map on your screen to know where to position yourself once the radiation activates.

The longer the game, the smaller the safe zone becomes. This is definitely a good way to cross your enemy’s path and ultimately decide who wins the battle.


Battle Royale, a Japanese violent action film has sparked the game developer’s interest, gaining idea to make a game out of it. Garena Free Fire has become part of Battle Royale’s fanbase, making it up to the 4th most played Free Fire game. Pro players of the said game have shared their expertise in the hopes of helping the players understand and master the game.