This website started with the third-person shooter, action role-playing, massive multiplayer online game Defiance, which was developed by Trion Worlds. The game was released on April 2, 2013, for Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. It is the first online multi-platform open world game that ran alongside a television series which is why it started as a collaborative effort between Trion Worlds (an American based video game developer) and Syfy (an American basic cable and satellite television channel).

We wanted to help both casual gamers who just may be stuck on a particular mission and hardcore gamers who are aiming for getting all the achievements of the game, so we created this site. Now, we also cater to other games.

In order for a player to post a topic in the website, he must first register in order for him to be a part of the community. The forum has its official community rules for posting their respective topics and for the general guidelines of conduct that is to be expected in the community. Those who are unfortunate enough to violate the rules are dealt with proper and fair sanctions.

In the games like Defiance, players form clans with other players for gameplay purposes or for socialization. Players can sell their weapons, armor, accessories, and other Defiance trinkets to other players. Players also may be able to come up with a better way of overcoming an obstacle, killing a boss, or finishing a mission.

This website has a help section which can cater to all your questions relevant to the game and the community. Server status and patch notes of the game are also up-to-date with the game, giving the players a peace of mind upon logging in into the game. Members can also report certain bugs with regards to the game and how they were able to get rid of it or how to avoid it, giving fellow members a heads up of these certain little errors in the game.

The community also has its own events giving members a more engaging engrossment of the game may it be in-game community events or a social event where members can talk about their current state in the game, negotiate deals for those who are selling in-game trinkets, or find a common clan member and discuss current clan engagements. Lastly, the community has its news and announcements section to keep the community members up-to-date regarding the improvements and changes of the website.