Tips for Playing Rise of Kingdoms

Rise of Kingdoms, more known as Rise of Civilizations, has been one of the top strategy games on the App Store and Google Play Store. If you are a lover of world history, especially the military events and prominent historical figures like Caesar, Sun Tzu, and a lot more, you will surely find this game educational, aside from its highly addictive game experience.
If you are new to Rise of Kingdoms or having a hard time levelling your kingdom up, here are five tips for you to level up faster and become a stronger player ready to conquer and not being conquered.
Do your missions dutifully – whether it is your daily quests or main quests, do it. Do not just leave your missions gettin […]

Multiplayer Online Strategy Games

Greatest Multiplayer Online Strategy Games

Online gaming is probably one of the most popular ways to enjoy and practice our skills in tactic and strategy. It also improves our sportsmanship especially when we are playing with actual people. This is why multiplayer Unblocked Games are very popular among online game players—with the various skills that each and every individual uniquely have, there will surely be a good challenge.
Many multiplayer games had come and go, but the best ones managed to stay. After all, these games will always be alive as long as there are players and people to play with. Luckily, the games that will be mentioned below are among those that were kept alive by their loyal fan base. If you are out looking […]

Website Builder

How To Create A Gaming Platform With A Website Builder

Do you love to play video games and want to build a gaming website? Ever wanted to make your own website that caters for gamers and make a gaming community? If you have, then this article is just for you. Today, there are many available tools that you can use to create your very own gaming website. You don’t need to have coding and programming skills to make one. There are many website builders available that have drag-and-drop features that make it easier to build your own site.
However, you must take some time to plan your website and know what features you would like to add before you make one. The following are some of the factors that you need to consider before launchin […]

YouTube Gaming Videos

Recording Gameplay: How to Make YouTube Gaming Videos

If you are a fanatical gamer, you would be probably interested in making gaming videos. Thousands of gamers online share their gaming videos, show off their skills, and make money in the process. If you are exiscted to get started with Gameplay recording, this article is for you.
To make high-quality videos online, know the right considerations, so you won’t mess up your chance of becoming the next big gaming sensation. Here is a guide on how to make gaming videos especially on YouTube.
Assure the Quality
Making high-quality videos is not difficult, especially nowadays wherein newer models of gadgets are already highlighting more exciting features. Choosing the proper soft […]

Video Game Background Check Tips

Basic Video Game Background Check Tips Parents Need To Learn

Because of the internet being open to pretty much anyone who has a computer or a phone, your children may actually be exposed to a lot of violent and R-rated stuff – especially in video games. As a parent, it is your duty to know what exactly your child is playing. In other words, you need to do some Background Reports: Best Online Background Reports of 2019 on the video games that you see your child has. How exactly do you do that? Here are a few tips for parents:
Look At The Rating
The very first thing that you have to check is the rating of the game. Make sure that the game matches the age of your child. For instance, if the game is rated PG-13, and your child is on […]

All About Xbox Live Gold

Microsoft’s gaming console is a gamer’s favorite. If you are using Xbox One, you may have tried to play online multiplayer games to no avail. Here is the reason; you need Xbox Live Gold to access such content. For Microsoft’s gaming console users, here is a look at free Xbox live gold codes which you can use.
Free Games
Updating your games gallery can be challenging if you want to keep up with the new entries. Furthermore, given the need to play games online in the current gaming world, it can be even more costly. With your Xbox One, however, you can take advantage of the monthly free games that Microsoft offers to the Xbox Live Gold subscribers. Every month, you get […]

Best Clothing Games to Play Online

If you are a lover of fashion, designing or even modeling, clothing games and apps are the perfect platforms to live your dream. Clothing, hoodies and fashion games allow you to do everything in the fashion world including shopping in high-end stores, owning a boutique, dressing up characters and creating your own fashion collection like casual tops, dresses, and custom hoodies. All this can be done online. However, it is important to know which games and apps will be the best choice for your needs. Here is our selection of the best clothing games that you can play online.
It Girl
It Girl is one of the most popular games on Facebook. Created by Crowd Stars, this game has […]

Ways to Earn Real Money While Playing Video Games

Have you ever wondered how some people just play video games all day but never run out of money? Well, it’s because playing video games is their job. They can actually earn just by playing various online games. Is this something you’ve always dreamed of doing? Here are some ways on how:
Sell Rare Items
A lot of multiplayer gamers do this to earn money. They try to collect rare items and sell them for real money in the game exchange. Die-hard video game players love to buy gps for real money. For instance, items in CS: GO can be sold in third-party marketplaces for actual cash. In some games, you may even sell items without a third-party marketplace, if the game has a trade […]

Tips to Handling Video Game Induced Frustration

No doubt that we all enjoy a good video game. However, we will eventually reach a certain limit wherein we would probably keep on losing. While most people can just walk away and take a break, there are people who just cannot seem to relax no matter how many times they try to breathe deeply. Fortunately, there are some pretty effective ways to make sure that you do not destroy your video game when you keep on losing.
Buy Some CBD Oil
CBD oil is known to have some components that can calm down a person and make them relax whenever they are feeling angry or frustrated. Just to give you an idea of what CBD oil is, it is an oil that comes from the extract of cannabis. It has the calming effects from cannabis but without the i […]

Web Content Roadmap for the New Defiance 2050

With the recent launch of Defiance 2050 last July 2018, gamers who have followed the roadmap of the game have been jumping on the platform and have been enjoying all the new things that the game offers. In the next months, we will also get to see a lot of new additions and features that the existing and new gamers alike will be able to enjoy. In the process the web design, Malaysia audiences included, will be updated for the official site of the game to be more interactive than ever before.
What is Defiance 2050?
Just to give a short background, Defiance 2050 is a free action shooter game that is available for PS4, PC, and Xbox One. It is a type of co-op game with a great storyl […]

What Ark Hunters Do for the Sake of Relics?

Defiance is a shooting game transforming Earth ark hunters (players) for alien technology. It can be played alone or with others; and skills improvement lets you level up and unlock weapons surviving massive battles. It has a unique feature of multitude weapons, letting you shoot the according to your preference, either as a human or alien. Fighting for survival is serious as it has an evolving environment and dynamic events.
Shooters are called ark hunters, a specialist in survival, combat and tracking who locate and retrieve lost relics. Seasoned at salvage, they need to get valuable minerals and technology from Votan planetary arks during arkfalls competing with other human […]

Don’t Hold Back: How to Make the Best Offensive Team

Overwatch is a tactical, first-person game set on the battlefields of tomorrow. It offers a variety of strategy and play styles, as well as characters with unique set of devastating and extraordinary abilities. Each character works well with other characters so learning how to build your team is necessary to win the game.
Building a team – attack or defense – around a good core is crucial. In an attack team, you need to build three units with heroes who are perfect for the job.
Taking Control
This is your rapid-response unit. Your heroes should be able to face high damage to buy your team time to assemble. Heroes for this unit are:

Winston is built as a tank who has the solid ability to protect his […]