Tips for Playing Rise of Kingdoms

Rise of Kingdoms, more known as Rise of Civilizations, has been one of the top strategy games on the App Store and Google Play Store. If you are a lover of world history, especially the military events and prominent historical figures like Caesar, Sun Tzu, and a lot more, you will surely find this game educational, aside from its highly addictive game experience.
If you are new to Rise of Kingdoms or having a hard time levelling your kingdom up, here are five tips for you to level up faster and become a stronger player ready to conquer and not being conquered.
Do your missions dutifully – whether it is your daily quests or main quests, do it. Do not just leave your missions gettin […]

5 Games that Discourage the Use of Gaming Cheats

It’s no secret that cheating became a norm back in the days where single player games were at large. After all, it was harmless fun without affecting the experience of other players in any way. However, as games started becoming multiplayer, cheating suddenly become offensive.
However, not all forms of cheating are bad. Still, that didn’t prevent game developers to add some extra mechanics on their game and discourage players from using game cheats. Some of these games that use such creative approach include the following:
GTA V Online with its Car Bombs and Dunce Hats
If you played GTA V Online, you might have been tempted to add private FPS cheats to unlock your sing […]

Good Spy on Splinter Cell

How to Be a Good Spy on Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory

The Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory is a game about having a game sense where the player faces a lot of decision making. In this article, we are going to discuss the techniques on how to become a good spy. These techniques are really effective and are risk-free in setting objectives. Just remember that you have to be highly skilled or at least, skilled enough to pull off these techniques. These notes are as simple as you can spy texts here in real life.
Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory is about targeting the enemy unnoticed and achieving the objectives on the way. Don’t try any move that will make you fail your mission or make you out of the game.
The following are the important notes when […]

Awaken the half-devil in you and be the strongest Devilian

Devilian is an action-packed game that you can play in a fast pace. You will take the role of a Devilian — a hero who is a half-demon. Your mission is to protect Nala from evil. You can join and make guilds with other Devilians in order to defeat monsters in dungeons, arenas, towers and so on. There are four classes of different skills and play styles to choose from. Master one to be a certified Devilian.
Devilian allows you to share the open world with thousands of players to interact, fight and explore. The combat is fast and challenging, using sharp weapons. With your skills together with other Devilians, you can trap enemies and monstrous creatures at bay. To survive, y […]